The recently released EP “O Well” from San Francisco based indie-pop duo OVRGRWN has been a staple in my weekly listening pattern in recent weeks. I have become pretty attached to the mixture of haunting, chillwave melody on opening track “Had to Go.” Because dreamy, otherworldly synth-pop is sometimes, the escape from reality that I need to immerse myself in. Brandon and Danae are brilliant at creating this mood. The newest addition to the retro synth wave label FiXT Neon is not resting on their laurels. They have been busy percolating new music ideas throughout lockdown. Fortuitously the duo is now ready to share their first effort of the new year. The track is called “Wasteland” and, you have the first, listen to it today on EQ Music Blog.

The first thing you will notice about “Wasteland” is, how melodically upbeat it is when, compared to the cinematic, dark soundscapes heard on OVRGRWN’s debut EP release. The synths spark into life, sizzling and soaring like flames which burn hotter than lava does. Danae’s, ethereal vocal takes care of the dreamy, element.

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We reached out to OVRGRWN to tell us more about their latest track.
Danae came back to us with this response.

Brandon wrote the original instrumental concept for “Wasteland” in early 2020, just before the pandemic. The two of us had to adapt to collaborating in a fully remote fashion to get it across the finish line.

It was the first of a few ideas that took on an increasingly uptempo feel, particularly compared to our initial batch of songs. We leaned into synth-driven arpeggiated passages, and paired it with my dreamy vocal delivery, giving it a neo-classical vibe that can be heard in songs like “Veridis Quo” from Daft Punk.”

By OVRGRWN’s own admission there is a shift towards a more, pop-centric sound. Although it is no less sonic or dramatic. While I have not studied Daft Punk extensively as the duo have. I am picking up what must be unintentional nods to Snap!Rhythm Is A Dancer.” Tell me someone who doesn’t, love that classic track?

OVRGRWN “Wasteland” is another modern pop, retro synth steered effort which appears on the FiXT Neon “Afterglow” anthology, (on Spotify.) Appears alongside other scintillating offerings from MODERNS, Meet Me In Orbit and Scandroid.

You will also find MODERNS and Meet Me In Orbit tracks featured on our monthly “This Beat Is Poptronik” updates. OVRGRWN currently features on the January 2021 edition with “Had to Go

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