Folks this side of the pond (myself included) are probably unaware of the Miami based Pop Singer-Songwriter Rudy Touzet as yet. According to my source, Brad, who put Rudy on my radar. He made quite a splash in 2021 with tracks “I Don’t Know,” “Fatal Attraction,” and the current single “Treason” back home in the USA. I listened to Rudy’s tracks for an hour after I was asked to check out his music. In the end, I came to understand that this Miami-born Cuban American singer is undoubtedly a rising star.

After releasing a bunch of singles, Rudy is keen to get his debut EP out this year. Before he makes headway on this idea, he decided to share a live acoustic version of his most recent single, “Treason,” first.

“I had a blast performing “Treason” live! It was so much fun shooting the performance. I had been rehearsing for months and wanted to give something different for my fans to listen to that gave more of a simplified version of my song “TREASON“. Rudy explains.

Kick back, take a listen to it below.

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During my listening session of Rudy Touzet’s music last weekend. I came away with the realisation that heartfelt lyricism is at the front and centre of everything that he does. “Treason” is a song where he opens up about knowing his self-worth and walking away from a bad relationship. Hitting back at his ex, he sings, “You broke my trust more than one too many times. Remembering the lack of loyalty in your smile.” Reflecting on the relationship further, he becomes awakened to the situation. Takes the decision to stand his ground. He does this by telling his ex, “Never loved me, just betrayed me. I wanted you, but now I let go.”

Calling “Treason” a heartbreak pop song doesn’t serve justice upon this release. Attach a sad banger anthem label instead. The track lives up to the claim splendidly. When looking for a musical comparative, Nick Jonas is the first name that springs to mind. When considering vocalists, I find Rudy’s voice reminds more of Shawn Mendes. That I picked two very successful pop singers to use as examples to explain Rudy Touzet’s talent. Should really tell you something about how special I think he is. This is because I strongly believe with the catchy and captivating track “Treason,” he is on the verge of something great.

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