The lyrical writing style of New York singer-songwriter Phil Crown immediately struck me as a first-time listener. Secondly, I noticed the music is also enjoyable in its R&B-tinged synth-pop style. Although, I am not into urban or R&B music by any stretch of the imagination. I recently fell charmed by the soulful crooner nonetheless. Since, in my experience, an R&B electropop fusion usually packs some serious grooves. And this I found to be true of the track “Through It All,” which premieres with us today.

How do I get started about Phil Crown and the music?… Well, his musical influences run the gamut of legends and genres, from Phil Collins to Michael Jackson. His inspiration to sing in an R&B style (in his youth), came from the greats of the ‘00s like Brian McKnight and Craig David. Although, lately, he has turned to electropop and is bringing this sound further into his music. And, onto Phil’s, songwriting. This allows him to explore his life story (he had a tumultuous childhood), and connect with audiences in a relatable and personable way.

From time to time, the past darknesses in our life have a way of sneaking back up, on us. We all hope to find someone who is our strength and stay through these episodes. Some call these persons a rock, whereas others prefer to say, ‘ride or die’. What Phil is asking his partner with “Through It All” is, no matter how tough a bad patch may get, will they stick by him.

“I think this is hands down the best song I’ve ever released. Everyone wants to know if the person they love will be their ride or die, and this song and video is what answers that question.” says Phil

However, what a pleasant surprise this song has turned out to be. The track has got meaning and has a groove that I cannot help but get drawn into it. Not only this, the addicting burst of fusion pop has landed Phil Crown on my radar. In any case, you should make an effort to get to know him, he has some more brilliantly groovealicious tracks on Spotify. (No Skips. I checked them all).

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