As a kid, I fully expect some, if not most, of our blog readers will have fantasized about what it would be like to have a superpower. Basically, since this behaviour is pretty much part and parcel of a child’s growing up process. To be intrigued with superheroes such as Superman or Spiderman, Wonder Woman or Supergirl. However, when we grow up. We learn instead. Superheroes do not exist in the same way as they appear in comic books and movies. In fact, it’s when we notice the unique traits of inspirational people that we feel as though they possess superpowers. However, they are just ordinary people who have a sense of kindness, generosity, and a sense of wanting to help others.

LA-based singer-songwriter Linney touches upon the topic of resilience and superpower in her new song “Super Human” which is out tomorrow.

“The song is a vulnerable confession of accepting what makes us human. “I wish I was strong like you…,” is the first line of the song. It’s about having someone in your life who makes you feel limitless. Like you can do anything. You’re a regular person on your own, but with this person by your side, – you are super human”. Linney explains.

Linney’s soft and airy voice, Combined with her authentic way of singing in this song. Allows the listener to pick out specific moments of emotional intensity and tenderness. In the track written on Zoom with Jeff Schoeny & Britt Pols, we hang onto her every word of “Super Human” as she takes us on an emotional journey with her.

Lyrically, Linney’s song is the best she’s ever written, with its haunting melody and deeply personal lyrics. It is without a doubt that she will remain an artist to watch throughout 2023.

Based in Los Angeles, Linney signed with Ultra Publishing in 2021 and will release her first EP with Helix Records in 2023. You can find Linney online at and…

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