I am introduced to a fair number of talented emerging singers every week, but it is not often that I come across someone who possesses jaw-dropping vocals like Jamie Hannah. With good reason, the twenty-one-year-old has caused quite a stir with his single “Sound Of My Youth.” It is an incredible offering. A highly emotive. Epically, sweeping track. Showcasing a voice which is both dynamically diverse and adrenaline-charged. Melodically harmonious one minute. Soaring to the heights of falsetto the next. There is a lot about this track, the performer and the vocal delivery to grab your attention.

If all of the above isn’t impressive enough, these additional facts will undoubtedly make your eyes open wider. The rising star has been in the studio working Kylie collaborator Benny D (of Powerstudio) and is signed with Boy George’s record label. He has even had Oscar award-winning actress Dame Emma Thompson saying some really cool things about him: “The potential in this young artist is breath-taking. This song is sensational, spectacular and wonderful.” I cannot argue with a Dame, and anyways she speaks the truth about Jamie Hannah.

Sound Of My Youth” is simply stunning in its original edit. Yet, because EQ Music Blog has a specific interest in tracks which have an electronic edge to them. We have a very exciting remix premiere. The “F9 Club Mix.F9 if you didn’t already know is the relatively new name used by production legends the Freemasons. This mix introduces a dance element to the track but is very thoughtful in the way it combines club beats with the beautiful uniqueness of Jamie’s voice. If anything, the F9 treatment is careful to enhance upon of these already remarkable vocals.

“If anyone should ever ask me I’ll always say the reason anyone makes music is to touch another person’s soul. I think I’ll always remember the first time I had Jamie’s vocal for this track up against some beats, working out the basic plot for this remix – The hairs on my arms lifted and suddenly I was totally absorbed by the song and the atmosphere he can create with his voice. It’s incredibly hard to offset a dark,powerful (and incredibly timely) lyric like this with such detailed, beautiful and memorable melodies but it seems to be utterly natural for this remarkable young artist. I cant wait to see what else Jamie has in store for us all” – James Wiltshire, F9

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