If the last terrible year has taught us anything, it is that even a little bit of love and kindness, help to make the world a brighter place. It is a timely message to take on board but also a good piece of advice that we’d do well to implement more love and kindness into our lives as the world begins to open up again. Billboard charting pop singer-songwriter Kendra Erika is much of the same mind. The South-Florida pop artist pretty much imparts the same advice in her new song “Pure Love.”

In the song, Kendra isn’t about to let a good thing slip through her fingers. She implores that her sweetheart gives in to being a little vulnerable. That she will reciprocate with tender responses spurred on out of pure love. It isn’t rocket science. It is the pinnacle of human emotions one of the most, if not the most powerful we will ever experience.

“”Pure Love” is that type of song you can immerse yourself in and just let it take you for a smooth and feel-good ride. It’s that song that allowed for the sweet spots in my voice to cradle in and flow, which then radiates out and is felt by the listeners. The message is unquestionably cool, vibey, and uplifting. So, throw this one on your chill cruise drive playlist, and you will be good to go,” Kendra advises.

Melodically reminiscent of the Dua Lipa break out hit “Be The One,” Kendra’s “Pure Love” is as equally tantalising and stand out. Another undoubted highlight, in Kendra’s growing catalogue of impeccable pop tracks. An appetiser in anticipation of her forthcoming album scheduled for release later this year. An irresistibly catchy popped-up, radio-friendly smash. Kendra is an artist who shoots only for the best, with “Pure Love” being an auspicious beginning to the pre-album campaign hype.

Stay tuned to Kendra’s socials (below) for more information in the build-up to Kendra’s upcoming album release.

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