As a reader of EQ Music Blog, you will know that we enjoy pop, celebrate electronic music and properly adore synth-pop. When I think about all the bands we have covered over our fifteen years of blogging, I can say with hand on heart, synth-pop inspired by the 1980s is a particular weakness of ours. It is also the stem of electronica favoured by North Canadian synthesizer enthusiast Moonrunner83. He loves nothing better than to deep-dive into retrowave vibes while creating new timeless classic pieces of his own. He allows us to become involved with the nostalgia as in the hey-day of this electronic era. Relive the magic, only powered by the brilliance of modern production techniques. Chances are if he was Swedish he’d be appointed as the third member of The Sound of Arrows.

The next in the run of singles Moonrunner83 has already released this year, is the rather fabulous, widescreen pop sensible effort “In My Head” featuring vocals of enigmatic vocalist King Protea. I think when you grab a listen of this track, you will best appreciate why I made no haste in calling out a nod in similarity to The Sound Of Arrows. Maybe I should go a step further and expand upon this specifically, to the duos superb debut album “Voyage.” Moonrunner with King Protea for “In My Head” do indeed tread the same synth-pop, style path. The track is blessed by a dazzling euphoric melody yet is equally lyrically-driven and treads a life-affirming theme celebrating patience and persistence in relationships.

‘In My Head‘ was an absolute blast of a collaboration. As soon as I heard the track, I instantly heard the ‘in my head, in my head’ lyric. I loved the idea of exploring something sweet and nostalgic, a love that is truly patient and not afraid of the dark parts of our minds. The track offered the perfect landscape for that.” – King Protea

This release is of an exceptionally high standard, boasts equal amounts of vibrancy and finesse. Puts Moonrunner83 on our radar, silky-voiced, King Protea as well for that matter. I am seriously wowed by this collaboration. And, to both of these artists, for filtering the sounds of the 80s, into my head today.

If you enjoyed this track, you’ll likeliest enjoy another release also on the independent synthwave label FiXT Neon. The latest track from the Dallas-based duo PRIZM. Check them out – I wrote about them HERE

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