Shimmering synth-pop teamed with unabashed, honest lyrics, and dreamy production strokes landed newcomer artist I Am Boleyn on my radar, last year. Her soft, delicate voice stood out to me as almost being whisper quiet. Properly, enchanting, tingling in sonic bliss. The singers brand of pop otherworldliness continues to grow. She’s unleashing intricately crafted pop delicacies with regularity now. And they always appear, dewy, elegant and graceful. Similarly with new single “In Between” I Am Boleyn has poured an immense amount of emotion and heart into the futuristically leaning track.

I didn’t know much about her when I wrote about “Limit Of Love.” I merely enjoyed her moving vocals. And that she appears to have found comfort in her music to share heartfelt lyrics which touch upon the differing shades of love and complex emotions. She is committed to establishing this brand. The diaphanous spun style of synth-pop is cut from the same cloth as the recent effort (“American Cars“) by Annie. But, hits a real peak in terms of I Am Boleyn’s progress as a solo artist.

She says:-  “In Between“, is a fun, summer song that encapsulates the feeling of being free and unattached, and that feeling of invincibility you have when you’re out with your friends. Along with that invincibility, there’s the irony of being at your most attractive when you’re not trying to attract anyone. Finally feeling happy alone in your own confidence makes you irresistible to those around you.”

The track written in collaboration with Joakim Olovsson, Linnéa Martinsson, and Pär Westerlund demonstrates it is crafted by a team of accomplished writers and musicians. The organic, thriving beats are complimented by catchy analog ear – candy and melody. Whereas I Am Boleyn’s sultry echoing tone, stands out as being a little haunting. You WILL notice, the bubbling bassline strikes a passing resemblance to Kylie’sCan’t Get You Out Of My Head.” But, all is good because a borrow from Kylie is always welcome. Especially when it is used in such a perfectly, segued fashion, the end result transcends to new heights. “In Between” does that, while also spotlighting I Am Boleyn’s skill for crafting, exquisite, and immediate pop songs. Captivating, glittery, future-disco, sit-up-and-listen stunning.

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