TikTok and Instagram users will be aware of Tayler Holder. He has amassed a massive following on social media platforms. A content creator and influencer. Texas-raised Tayler is synonymous with viral lip-sync battles, sharing daily lifestyle content and acting. These are but three examples of his numerous multi-disciplines. Music is another creative outlet he is active in, one he is keen to grow.

The nature of content creation is that you must continuously perform and be at your best to succeed. It is rarely the place where we can share our feelings and vulnerabilities. However, music thrives on our sharing of authentic emotions and heartfelt honesty. Unveiling his single “Human,” recently has given Tayler a new space to speak about the pressures of success and the solitude behind the digital platforms we visit daily.

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When asked about his new single, “Human” Tayler said,

“‘Human’ is about someone who has been in the entertainment industry for 6+ years, I’ve learned that not everything behind the screen is as perfect as it seems. The industry holds us at such high standards and doesn’t allow people to make mistakes. At the end of the day, we are all human. I’ve been through a lot but I am thankful for all the lessons I have learned through it all.”

The truth is, on this track, there is nowhere to hide. There is a sense of poignancy to the heartfelt lyrics and the emotionally powerful vocals everywhere. Nowhere do these emotions touch home most than with a live or acoustic performance. Both allow more emotive expressions to flow out. On our blog today, we are proud to share the first play of the acoustic version of “Human“.

“When I was in the studio with my producers, Team Chapters, we thought the acoustic version would capture the realness of the song. I wrote this in one of the darkest points of my life and wanted to share with my listeners that they are not alone.” Tayler shares.

Things are quickly taking off for this talented singer-songwriter. Stay tuned to Tayler’s socials below for more updates.

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