I don’t blame anyone for wanting to head to the coast when the lockdown measures began to ease throughout Europe. The experience of regaining a little freedom, soundtracked by the soothing sounds of the sea, make for a calming influence. More and more, we are being encouraged to enjoy nature in all of its splendour. Since it has been proven being out of doors helps promote good self-care and wellbeing. Dream pop artist Drue de Milo was in a place where she was feeling lost creatively, struggling to find her vibe. It was time to dip her toe in new waters. Discover her sound. She did this by fleeing to the waters of Montauk for inspiration, and jumped in, both physically and metaphorically.

It started with learning how to surf. “As soon as I learned how to surf, I started writing again,” she explains, and while, “Drowning in Paradise” was a phrase she invented years prior, it became the centrepiece of the next chapter in her career.

Her affinity with water is now her guide. The connection she has formed is helping her creative flow. As someone who also has a background in dance (ballet) movement is incredibly important to her artistry. It is the mode of expression which enables Drue to tell a story. Understandably, it is likeliest the spiritual energy, created from the ebb and flow motion of the sea which, in turn, helps with creating empowering lyrical narratives.

Drue, states,
“You gotta fall in love with whatever drives you. I like to think of “Drowning in Paradise” as a pledge of allegiance to the unyielding strength of love and nature, and a celebration of the magic that happens when you let it take over.”

The latest beautiful offering from Drue captures both the sense of wonderment and stirring of deeper emotions in essence. When an emotional storm occurs, her voice both soothing, and calming is quietly, empowering. A guiding light, through the choppier waters that life sometimes encounters. Just as we make use of water to bathe, revive our senses leaving us feeling tingly and revitalised. “Drowning in Paradise” similarly seeks to cleanse our spirit by way of mellow tones, thoughtful lyrics and dreamy vocal melody. A delicately wrought piece of songcraft. Affecting. Heartfelt. Sincere.

Connect with Drue de Milo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/druedemilo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/druedemilo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/druedemilo/

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