I have another new Nordic electronic-pop artist to introduce to you today. Although, not a Danish, Swedish or a Norwegian one, this time. I have realised we have not made a new Icelandic music discovery on this blog in a long time. Where better place to start than with Iceland’s brightest new pop act, Heidrunna.

I learned about Reykjavik raised Heidrunna recently when debuting her dreamy, melancholic track “You Make Me Feel” in September. (Unfortunately, I was on holiday at the time and didn’t get a chance to write about it). I really liked all I heard, though. Like a magnet, I was drawn to her delightful, whispy voice. Being very celestial like and heavenly, in the same way as Little Boots or Kylie Minogue are. She (Heidrunna) has a lot of the Little Boots flair, I feel. There is something quite sweet, delicately nuanced about her. But, also, she is whimsical and effervescently glowing.

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It was clear to me that Heidrunna is an 80s pop girl at heart. Without question being, the vibe she is channelling into her newest offering, “Borderline“. If you were wondering, it isn’t a reimagining of the Madonna 1984 hit of the same name. However, what the track does have in common with the Queen of Pop, one is. It is softly melodic and sparkly disco, synth-pop in style. Madonna’s Borderline” became her first Hot 100 top 10 & ignited one of the most impressive streaks in chart history“: writes Billboard. From what I have heard from Iceland’s Heidrunna, she is keeping on with continuing an impressive, hot streak of her own.

We need to also speak about the accompanying visuals for the track. The clip details a colourful almost, watercolour painting in style aesthetic. That has been showcased throughout all of her musical creations thus far.

If you have forgotten how blissful it feels to be spellbound under a sparkling mirror ball, listen to Heidrunna, more specifically “Borderline” for the same feels.

Heidrunna’s debut album – “Melodramatic” is coming out, early 2022, on board for production is Liam Howe (Lana Del Rey, MARINA, FKA twigs and Ellie Goulding).

Connect with Heidrunna
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heidunannabjornsdottir/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/heidrunnamusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heidrunna/