During the past few months, I guess a fair number of us will identify with waking up first thing in the morning, not so much refreshed, yet feeling like we’ve been sucked into a bad dream. In differing ways, the COVID-19 pandemic will have taken its toll on all who have lived through it. As we slowly begin to return to the normalcy of our pre-pandemic lives. We are not dwelling on the experiences we have endured but are making adjustments and moving forward. Advice, the chap, Sonia Stein has written about for her emotively soulful track “Bad Dream” could have done with hearing. Before the soul-pop songstress blew the whistle on his lacklustre attitude towards relationships, in the form of this song.

Bad Dream” is written from the perspective of a man I see often in relationships around me. Someone who refuses to put any work into the relationship or take responsibility for some of the issues in it, someone who is afraid of their own feelings and wants things to “just be okay” without any effort or work on their part. As soon as he is confronted with the idea that their partner might want to leave them he can’t handle the idea of being alone.” Sonia advises.

In all probability, we’ve encountered someone just like that. A bit of deadbeat with little desire to step up their game, lighten the load, act as a teammate. They are very draining to be around. It is little wonder, Sonia felt the need to highlight such a person and explore the feelings they, in turn, evoke of their partners. As being with a person like that is like living a ‘bad dream’ every day. Sonia’s musicality is such. She works to create a melodically entrancing song. Breezy and Jaunty. Allowing her softly exhaled tones, to cast an enrapturing spell.

Connect with Sonia Stein
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soniasteinmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoniaSteinMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soniasteinmusic/

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