London based synth-pop singer-songwriter I am Boleyn came to England from St. Petersburg, Russia to study History at Oxford University. But she always had a love of music and started writing and singing in bands from a very young age. Relocating to London gave her the opportunity to pursue her passion for music further and so the project, I am Boleyn was born. Recently, the singer struck out with synth-dappled debut effort “Too Much.” This introduction noticeably cast an intriguing magnetism about this new artist. With the stage already set by her dulcet vocal tones and airy synth-pop style. The follow-up single “Limit of Love” is here giving us another insight into the somewhat spellbinding presence cast by this virtually unknown singer.

The singer says: “Limit of Love” is about the secrets that we all keep, the dark feelings or guilt that we hold very close but one day have to show someone to really love them and let them love us. What is the Limit of Love? What could we find out about someone, or reveal about ourselves what would push those limits too far? In the end, the honesty of sharing our real selves is liberating and leads to a deeper connection”.

I am Boleyn’s crafted melodic pop is well thought out. It floats, it soars, it dances to a sweetly sparkling beat. Team this with a voice full of grace and elegance, a dreamlike quality comes into focus aided by the soft electronic pulses of “Limit of Love.” This charming track takes inspiration from the best of the singer’s influences in music, from Robyn, Goldfrapp, Mo, and MS MR. It incorporates delicate styling, is properly enchanting and will see your ears tingling in sonic bliss.

Here’s a date for your diaries: I am Boleyn performs a FREE showcase at London’s Fitzrovia Chapel on 28th March.

Connect with I am Boleyn
Twitter: @iamboleyn