Alex Palmieri 1

Eye’s right, if you don’t know so much about Italian pop music, as we’re just about to receive a taster in it from one of it’s budding pop performers, Milan based celebrity artist Alex Palmieri.

In a departure from his previously energy pumped signature sound, Alex reveals a preview of his first ever ballad “Wasted” here on EQ. In his own words “Wasted” is an “electro pop waltzer” lyrically swirled with emotion and affirmation that all things in a relationship happen for a reason, not always do we see it at first, but inevitably we grow from our experiences.

Wasted” which is written by Alex has its soundtrack laid down by Sweden’s DJ Timmy B, who has lavished the melody with layers of sparkling electro that power up gently through the verses to arrive at an anthem suited chorus aligning with Alex’s lyrical outpouring of renewed empowerment.

Serving as first insight into his forthcoming new album, “Wasted” impacts September 27th with a universal sound and message that is both pop celebratory in radio friendliness and as a live performance piece.