Shes The Queen 1

It’s been a while; since we’ve heard anything new from New York synth pop duo She’s the Queen, but that’s because Emily and Drew have been polishing up their already tidy act and concentrating on formulating some new gleaming synth pop tracks to astound us with.

She’s The Queen make a return with a AA side offering of “Cold Heart” / “I Don’t Wanna Know” through Electronic Rumours on 22nd July.

We are extremely pleased to premiere the track “Cold Heart” here on EQ today, not only is it a fitting re-introduction to the band but also consider it one of She’s The Queen’s most pop orientated tracks to date.

Emily and Drew have masterminded a track together that is reflective of late 80’s pop character, they bring out the summer vibes with a nu-disco slant teamed with slick guitar glissandos and licks that enhance upon a “Summer of 69” feeling. It offers a coherently pop rock tinged backdrop to Emily’s dusky soulful vocals to a greater prominence than ever before.

In summation it’s a bit of a corker, perfect for the journey down to the beach. For playing out on the beach and for those wishful moments of daydreaming when you visualize that you are already on the beach.