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This weeks HOT FUSS FIVE:

VICTORIA AND JACOB:  As Summer cashs in and the Autumn nip in the air tightens, it’s great to have some feel good music to warm us through.  Lucky us, that’s exactly what Lo-Fi pop duo Victoria and Jacob can offer us.  On the face of it their new track offering, “Festival” is an unassuming pop number, but don’t be fooled by it’s on the face of it pretty and daintiness. “Festival” is one of those tunes that reaches in and touches you when your not at all expecting it, weaving it’s hazy, summer romanticism, soaring synths and Fleetwood Mac ambience into you’re your chilly winter bones. An instant warm up in 4 minutes flat, this charming little track has kept us glowing all week.    WATCH: Victoria and Jacob – “Festival”   HERE

KAI:  Over the past few months Londoner Kai, has been rippling the pop R’n’B scene with her sassily infectious debut “Flirt”.  Building her journey to this point via being a backing singer for a band that previously included Marvin Hume from JLS and Kai’s taster of stardom through brief appearances on Nickelodeon TV in her formative years alongside some girlfriends. Kai has set about working with Amy Winehouse’s backing singer Zalon Thompson and MOBO Award Winner Jai Amore culminating in the groovalicious track “Flirt”.  With a pounding bassline, topped with rich and silky smooth vocals,  Mama Kai has arrived on the scene folks and she’s one to clock on your radar as an up and coming Urban Queen – trust us!  WATCH: Kai – “FlirtHERE

RUBY GOE:  Behold 2012 looks set to offer us a left-of field nuance of Boadicea styled alt pop.  No messin’ with Ruby Goe, this gurl is as fly as a warrior princess! Setting down her spunky vocals admist a bombastic rush of the percussion section.  On forthcoming release “Get On It”  Ruby Goe’s crafted herself a distinctly fresh and ballsy sound that doesn’t adhere to the commercially abundant and overtly saturated candy sweet pop tunes formula.   We embrace her creative individuality, and all out ingenious vivacious pop sound.  We’re on it with bells, horns and tom toms  – HOOO  HA!   LISTEN TO: Ruby Goe Get On It”  HERE

WOLFETTE: Charging herself up over the summer Electro Rock force Wolfette is back unleashing an exultant whammy of pulsating fire and verve.  “Trophy Girl” see’s Wolfette deepen her grit on electro pop throwing in more dirty beats and angst than she has ever done before.  Whilst some electro pop kittens merely purr, Wolfette stands out with a powerful roar of empowerment for womankind.   LISTEN TOWolfette – “Trophy GirlHERE

BREAKING DAY: Breaking Day have only been formed for around 6 months and are the masterminded creation of veteran singer and producer TomaMaskeradeJohnson.  However, in this short time they have come together to form a vibrant urban edged pop quartet whose dance, pop ready fuelled beats, kiss a similarity to the Pussy Cat Dolls and mamas of them all EnVogue

With a splash of the electrolicious thrown in, we see a recipe of instant likeability about them which we are particularly feelin it on track “Hate Me Now”. 

To be honest if these tracks are representative of only 6 months work – then we are excitedly looking forward to what might grow from this from project.  LISTEN TO: Breaking Day – “Hate Me Now” and further streaming tracks HERE

Breaking Day’s Debut album “Daylight” is available through their online web store HERE

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FREEBIES! POPTRONIK’S recommended  selection of FREE MP3’s / Remixes – Delivered newly this week and available from @Poptronik Twitter Feed

  • Victoria and Jacob – “Festival” Priz Dream Remix
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