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May was a pretty awesome month for pop music. We had the annual Eurovision Song Contest that featured some of the most amazing songs that the world has ever seen, whilst also being featured in the United States and China for the very first time. We may not have fully agreed with the result, but it was a pop filled extravaganza that none of us here at EQ Music will ever forget.

Approaching the summer time in the northern hemisphere and the winter in the south, let’s give you a reason to celebrate the season with our definitive monthly electronic pop playlist – ‘This Beat Is Poptronik- June 2016’.

This month, we feature a lot of great artists from across the globe. Featured tracks include:

Bright Light Bright Light ft. Elton John ‘All in The Name’
Lucas Nord ‘Don’t Need Your Love’
Frankmusik ‘Turnin”
ZAYN ‘Like I Would’
Justs ‘Heartbeat’
Salt Ashes ‘Save It’
Youngr ‘Out Of My System’
Femme En Forrure ‘Seer’
Roosevelt ‘Colours’
Monarchy ‘Dance Like Hell’
Adam Jensen ‘Ritual’
Cocovan ‘Chic (Someone To Love)’
Nick Jonas ‘Chainsaw’
NIck Hissom ‘Where You Are’
Japan Soul ‘Chica’
Dua Lipa ‘Hotter Than Hell’
Pet Shop Boys ‘Twenty-Something’
Nightly ‘XO’
Draper ft. Prides ‘Break Over You’
Isac Eliot ‘What About Me’
Astrid S. ‘Hurts So Good’
TeamMate ‘Nothing’s Ever Over’
Gemini ‘Do It For Love’
Frans ‘If I Were Sorry’
Rilan ft Naz Tokio ‘Blindfolds’
Amir ‘J’ai Cherché’
Donny Montell ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This Night’
Prides ‘Rome’
Blair ‘Liquid Courage’
Tiggi Hawke ‘In The Wild’
Isac Elliot – ‘What About Me’

You know with the change of seasons, the music is just starting to heat up! Don’t miss out on any of our fabulous favourite sounds.

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