hotfuss21You’ve heard the Top 40, now listen to this.

In this episode of the Poptronik HOT FUSS we welcome our special guests Adam Tyler and EQ Music artist Ryan Adamés. EQ Music’s teen blogger Javi Lopez joins us for the very first time too where the gang continue to dish on the Lady Gaga / Katy Perry diva war, Chris Brown, Madonna’s 55th birthday, Ashton Kutcher’s “sexy” speech and our very first concerts.

We also play songs featured on “This Beat Is Poptronik – Volume Two” including;

“Silent Morning” by Parralox ft. Ryan Adamés
“As Long As You Love Me” by Ryan Adamés
“Fuck Off” by Max Barskih
“I Can’t Help It” by Dangerous Muse
“Fade Into The Light” by Adam Tyler

“This Beat Is Poptronik – Volume Two” drops worldwide on August 29th and is the first album release from EQ Music.

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