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Hatty Keane

HATTY KEANE: Despite her young years, believe us, Miss teen thing Hatty Keane is speeding ahead in the breaking out stakes, and is definitely on top of the crop of the brightest new young talents to take note of. Infact, it’s been a meteoric journey for the 16 year old Manchester singing sensation, spurned on by winning her appropriate age category in the Open Mic UK Competition 2010, subsequently signed and commanding the song writing elite to offer her material – not to mention support slots amongst the highest profiling chart bearing artists N-Dubz, Wretch 32 and Ed Sheeran.

This girl is not tiptoeing around; Hatty Keane is in there like a rocket and literally poised to blow the roof off teen pop as we know it! For the moment her recent release the XI EP featuring massive urban cut “Caught You Out” is garnering heaps of attention whilst showcasing Hatty’s mature vocal flair making her one of the brightest young pop prospects to hit us in a while.  WATCH: “Caught You Out” – Hatty Keane  HERE

If you like what you hear and you live in the upper part of England mostly, Hatty has just revealed some tour dates with word on a major tour support to follow (tour details)

Glorious Inc

GLORIOUS INC Our reliable Swedish comrades have birthed another new electro pop band to have us talking about this week.  Meet Glorious Inc. Veronika Färestål and Tommy Söderman who bring us a zany slant on dance pop by going out of the Scandic box a little and brewing up a not so traditional dance anthem in “All Over You”. Up-tempo euro pop make way for a rootin tootin  rap section from Caramell’s feisty mama Dinah Nah.  Yeah it’s a  kinda stirred-up crazy electro / K-pop  ride this one, but in a good sit –up take notice of us and listen to us kind of way.  Suffice to say, we are now curious as to what might follow next.   

WATCH: “All Over You”Glorious Inc. Feat Dinah Nah  HERE

Picture Book

PICTURE BOOK:  We’re in Sitges on a sun-kissed beach already! Well one can wish! For now, bringing us a burst of audio “Sunshine” into our wintry life is Picture Book.

Brothers Dario and Lorne come from a bloodline of party time, mardi gras musicality, inherited from their father August Darnell, known to you more readily as the colourful one of a kind tropical gangster lead singer of Kid Creole and The Coconuts (youngsters go google them!).

Newbies off the shelf they maybe, but Picture Book’s debut offering the “At Last EP” co-written and featuring the vocals of Greta Svabo bech who you’ll have heard most notably on Deadmau5Raise Your Weapon” is a shiny example of an accomplished understanding of what makes a glorious summer sound track. So what if it comes to us in January, we think once the word gets out on these guys, we’ll be hearing a lot more of this in the coming months or at least we should be in our opinion!

Lead single “Sunshine” perfectly fit’s to it’s title, and this little gem, well we consider it the first clubbing anthem of 2012.

At Last EP by Picture Book 

Sylver Tongue

SYLVER TONGUE We know not where she hails from or anything about who Sylver Tongue is, background knowledge on this one just doesn’t matter.

What we do know is, from listening to her debut “Hook You Up”, she’s pretty smart at banging out a pretty sparkly synth littered tune, that’s delicate and yet has the power to engulf you with mesmerising waves of calm –quite delightful and quite genius! 

We’re not the only ones to think that, a number of high-flanked names are slated to be working with her – on board on this one is James Rutledge (Fever Ray) as producer.  

WATCH: “Hook You Up” – Sylver Tongue  HERE and listen HERE.

Team Me

TEAM ME: As Scandinavian indie pop makers Miike Snow are currently quite on the buzz of the music media’s gaze at the moment, let’s not allow Norway’s own triumphant grammy Spellemen Prisen best pop award winners Team Me to become buried under a pile of Miike Snow!

The quirky retro bohemian looking six piece recently caught Poptronik’s attention with an inextricably long titled single “With My Hands Covering Both Of My Eyes I  Am Too Scared To Have A Look At You Now”, we wrongly assumed with such a boldly showy title that it wouldn’t be up too much,  However, we loved it!

As we also quite adore the glacially shimmering, melodicially infectious follow – up “Show Me”.  If Team Me keep to this path of turning out such wondrous feel good indie pop they’ll be up there globally alongside Miike Snow soon enough.

WATCH:  “Show Me” – Team Me  HERE  


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