So on Saturday night, Geri, Keeleylicious and I made our way down to our favourite haunt the Soho Revue Bar for another exciting pop and electro fun-filled night.  Eleven almighty acts to get through, all hoping to embraced by the crowd and be known as the next big thing.  I have to say I was surprised by a few of the acts, so keep reading and if you like what you read, make sure to click the links to be taken to their MySpace page…

Vigo_5  So Vigo were up first and they had the difficult task of warming up the crowd.  I couldn’t help but notice that they were a man down but that didn’t stop them from delivering their tunes which are were a combo of pop/dance/disco.  ‘Man Of Action’ was rather good.  Bless em, it was their first Popshow and being the first act on the stage is always the toughest part of the night!  We hope to catch them again – the guy in the yellow shirt is just yummy…
Rubiesrich Next up on the bill were the lovely ladies Becky and Hollie from Rubies Rich that seemed to have nothing but huge smiles all night long.  They gave it their best shot and really put a lot of energy into their performance.  What I liked about them is that they didn’t seem too overly styled or overly serious – I like that a lot.  They were there to have fun and bring their funky fresh song ‘Bad Vibes’ to the crowd which they did with ease.  I will be keeping a eye on this interesting duo.


4th Child was absolutely amazing to say the least.  I was very excited to see Lee perform his material which is gritty, raw and still wonderfully electronic all at the same time.  Instead of performing surefire crowd pleaser ‘Now I Found You’, Lee opted to showcase some of his newer songs ‘Pulling On My Heartstrings’ and ‘One Night Stand’ which were fantastic.  His performance made me really want a copy of his new cd even more – he can’t get it done fast enough in my opinion.  It was great to see so many 4th Child fans in the audience as well – the buzz is certainly brewing and 4th Child is once again an act you should all be listening to.

Jenniescott Jenni Scott is a cute little woman.  She totally lived up to her penchant for the pinkness by entertaining the crowd with her cheeky and sultry song ‘Nasty Boys’.  Many of the boys (and the girls) in the crowd were absolutely taken by her.  She kinda reminded me of the fun that was had when listening to Madonna’s ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’ CD with her pink cat suit.  She’s got the look and the drive, so let’s just see where Jenni Scott goes from here…
Unleashed_2 Introduced to the crowd as "Sugababes you betta watch out" Unleashed were well, ‘unleashed’ onto the audience.  Fun gals and fun songs with a great dance routine – you should take a quick listen to them if you can over on their MySpace…


Awwww, my boyz and Popshow favourites Switch22 delivered their usual set of ‘Back To The Dancefloor’ and ‘1985’ but wait…they treated us to some great new mixes of the songs that were as big as SDB motions above!  Having heard so many different versions of both these songs now, we think these new mixes might just be the best ones as they really allow the boys personalities to shine through.  Bless SDB who was sporting his new haircut and also had his mum and dad in the audience.  Swanny looked amazing in his ‘click, flick and lick’ vest and thanks to the Swany for giving EQ big props – I was so excited I spilled my gin & tonic all over myself.  Oops!


Now to be honest, I was not really excited about Tru Calling.  I had a listen to their tunes on their MySpace and I didn’t really pay too much attention.  But after seeing them live, all I can say is wow.  They worked it.  The gals looked great and the boys really took to the crowd.  The tunes sounded much better live too and Tru Calling if you’re reading this – send me a CD ok!  They worked the stage so much it was a little difficult getting a halfway decent shot of them all together – see above!  Their songs are great and their cover of Kylie’s ‘Your Disco Needs You’ really made the crowd go crazy. 

UPDATE:  Click here, here and here for some YouTubage of Tru Calling strutting their stuff on the night.


Well I have been waiting to see the enormous talent of The Ultrasonics for quite some time now since I interviewed them back in May.  And what a treat they were live!  Johanna Lee Gervin delivered a flawless performance of hot track of the moment ‘Why You Had To Leave’ as well as the current EQ number one single ‘It’s Over Now’.  Bringing a bit of retro to the night, Johanna performed a very hot version of The Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’ as well which we have to wonder…will it be on their debut record?  Johanna is just a doll too as we had a chance to chat with her and Jon afterwards.  The Ultrasonics are head and shoulders above the rest and it’s no wonder they keep getting asked back to the Soho Revue Bar for their outstanding performances.  You should be very excited about them EQs!  Johanna certainly has a star quality about her and backed up by the band’s brilliant songwriting – The Ultrasonics are a huge potential force to be reckoned with.


Viktor – with a "K" was fantastic.  You couldn’t help but notice him walk in and he certainly has a loyal following as there were many Viktor fans and fiends in the audience.  Viktor was introduced as the ‘royal prince of british electronic cabaret’ or something like that and he performed his anthem track called ‘Viktor’ in which he proclaims that he IS your next superstar.  Ego much?  hehehe.  However his dancers were equally as fantastic and his performance of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ was phenomenal.  Viktor darling, please slip us a CD.  And if there were an award for ‘Best Legs’ of the night, Viktor wins – no contest.

Limitededition_2 Unfortunately, I got stuck at the bar during Limited Edition’s performance…as it happens so frequently at the Soho Revue Bar…but Geri snapped this pic of them so why don’t you take a listen to them over on MySpace to be fair – ok!
Fallenangels Those spunky girls from Fallen Angelz really worked hard on the stage.  The one dressed like Avril Lavigne in our photo seemed to be a really popular gal as well.  Even Geri wanted to get his photo taken with her but couldn’t get close enough with all of her swooning fans (or friends) mind you.  These ladies are big fans of Popshow and it was nice to see them on the stage working their tracks for the audience.  Check them out on MySpace too…

So that’s it – Great night out and thanks to DJ Adamis for spinning those hot electro tunes throughout and for being such a gracious host.  After the show we all caught up with rising soul songstress Sylvia Powell and "Touch Me In The Morning" legend Rui Da Silva for cocktails at the Soho Hotel which was of course, as you would expect, uberly fabulous.