QBoy and his dancers getting all black and blue backstage at Popshow!

Welcome to Part 2 of our Popshow coverage EQs.  One thing we really love about Popshow is that there is a plethora of talent to hit the stage from all over the world.  We probably wouldn’t have ever heard of Romanian electro synth band Insound if they wouldn’t have muscled their way onto the Popshow stage.  Having traveled all the way from Romania for the show, it was quite a thrill to get to see them strut their stuff for the London audience.  We can’t recall the names of the songs they sang, but we can tell you they were quite good and you can take a listen to them on MySpace on this link


Insound traveled all the way from Bucharest, Romania to perform for the Popshow crowd!

One surprise on the bill was Andrew Stone.  Andrew burst onto the stage with his dancers with such an energy and enthusiasm that it was really hard not to get fixated on him.  A lot of the comments about Andrew from the audience was that he had a certain Wham! ‘I’m Your Man’ vibe about his performance.  You can check out Andrew Stone and his "ready-made-pop-stardom" over on his MySpace page as well.


Andrew Stone and his dancers works the crowd over with his dazzling whites and dance moves!

It was great to see Rhea again on the Popshow stage.  Rhea’s brand of R&B really isn’t our cup of tea, but she has definitely stepped up her performance a great deal from her last Popshow appearance.  It’s easy to see where Rhea’s music is going and she definitely has the voice, the attitude and the persistence to go places in the UK R&B scene – great job Rhea.  To check out Rhea for yourself, make sure to visit her MySpace.


Rhea gives Popshow another go in her rollergirl disco getup and gets a great reaction from her brand of UK R&B funk!

And because we can’t get enough of The Electric Dolls lately, here is another great shot of them doing their thing. 


So all-in-all another great Popshow by DJ Adamis and the Popshow team.  Make sure you check out Popshow on MySpace to stay updated on the UK’s best pop and electro music showcase.  Next Popshow is on 14th June and if you’re interested in performing at the event, make sure to get in touch with the team on their MySpace page as well!