So last night EQ made his way down to Soho Revue Bar again for Popshow’s 6th Birthday Party and it was a lot of fun as expected.  We stand by our testimony that it’s one of the best night’s out in London – it still remains a hidden gem amongst the plethora of clubs and cabaret nights you can see in London on any night of the week.  As some of the proceeds also benefit Breast Cancer Awareness as well, it’s nice to know that going out and enjoying all this new music and cocktails is actually helping out a worthy cause.

First of all – we have to say that DJ Adamis is probably going to be our favorite electro DJ from now on.  Why you ask?  Well first of all – any DJ that can mix in Felix The Housecat’s ‘Money, Success, Fame, Glamour’ in with super hit-in-the-waiting ‘Baps R Bakin’ by The Electric Dolls deserves kudos.  All the while you even got crowd pleasing electro remixes to ‘Umbrella’ by Rhianna and ‘Ice Cream’ by New Young Pony ClubDJ Adamis deserves some recognition peeps – go out and experience his sound if you can!


So on with the reviews…

Sometimes it’s hard at Popshow not to feel like Simon Cowell.  Twelve new acts, all longing for a big break – wanting to be the next Pussycat Dolls, Justin Timberlake or Fergie.  But at the end of the night, it’s all about the entertainment.  And of course these acts mentioned below, throughly entertained us.


Oh now it wouldn’t be a Popshow if EQ Fold member Madison wasn’t performing right?  Madison performed ‘Club’ and ‘Move Your Ass’ to the up-for-it crowd and of course was as eye-poppin as ever with his flamboyant costume and sexy retro backing dancer.  It’s great seeing Madison grow stronger and stronger with each new performance as you can tell this young man is completely dedicated to his mission of getting you all to shake your stuff on the dancefloor.  If you haven’t discovered Madison for yourself then we haven’t been doing our job.  More Madison here and try to catch him at Club Bliss in Brighton if you can!


State City Disco were phenomenal and lived up to our expectations.  Alex Surguy took to the stage with might and energy and delivered ‘Excitement’ with loads of enthusiasm and attitude.  Mitzi Deluxe on the keys is a woman wonder as well.  There is nothing like a strong woman behind a keyboard that just turns us on!  Even after seeing the band live, we still get a huge Human League vibe from them which is fab.  Stay tuned as we’ll be featuring more of State City Disco on Electroqueer soon, but to get a taste for their excitement, go here.



So let’s talk about Dyyce now.  Six sexy boys who might just give Westlife a run for their money.  There were a few boybands performing last night, but Dyyce stood out amongst the crowd.  They performed their touching ballad ‘Beautiful’ along with thier r&b dance number ‘Roll The Dyyce’ with charisma and charm.  If you want to check them out and download ‘Roll The Dyyce’ you can get all the info here and check out some of thier photos.  Good looking boys and great sounding poptunes…with new boybands not getting enough attention lately, we think that Dycce might just bring that all back.


So…we have never seen The Pussycat Dolls live yet, nor do actually plan on doing so…but seeing Touch2Wild perform their track ‘Up Against Me’ well sorta fulfills that longing for us.  We might even go as far as to say that these girls are brining sexyback to the girlgroup genre.  Basically it was super-sexual to the max with these girls when they took to the stage.  Polished dance moves, listenable tunes and nice chatty girls (our friend Vincenzo was a bit smitten with one of em…) we wish these girls all the best as they set out on their pop career. 


Last, but certainly not least.  Let’s talk Will Rodrigues.  People are calling him the new Brazilian pop sensation and he certainly entertained us last night with his fun pop tracks.  It’s the first time we got to see him perform and we can definitely understand why people are talking.  He’s got a certain something and we’ll watch with a close eye on how he develops – his pop career that is!!!


So that’s it.  Another great Popshow and another fun night out.  Kudos to the Popshow team for putting together such a great night of new talent!  And we’ll say it again – if you are free to catch Popshow the next go round, do so.  We need to get as many people as possible to this great night out.