By Javi Lopez

As we all know – The pink diva is coming back better than ever along with "The Virginity EP".  We all expected it to premiere on February 14th but due to perfection and diva issues, fans will have to wait a little longer for the upcoming pop/dance disaster. 

The first single off "Virginity" is called "PROM NIGHT" in which the the video is being filmed already and it will drop in the next couple of weeks. You can listen to the "Prom Night" demo here.

MEANWHILE – Since the release date for  "Virginity" has to be pushed back – Jeffree released a mixtape full of demos that didn't make it to EP and you can download it here. It's called "Shit You Weren't Supposed To Hear".

"Oh My God", "If It Kills Me", "Freakshow" (Feat. Drummerboy) and "Virginity" are songs that didn't make it, but to be honest –  THEY ARE SO HOT.  The sexual references on this mixtape are beyond hotness.  I've have had it on repeat since Jeffree released it and I'm not mad at all that he pushed the date a little back.  We just have to wait.  Perfection takes time.