By Javi López – EQ's resident pop culture blogger

Most of the comedy movies these days haven't been the greatest. The trailer might be hilarious to death and it gets you interested into the movie, but then when you see it, either it was good, but you expected something funnier or in the end, it's turns into biggest flop ever. I wasn't even excited for "Horrible Bosses" but once the movie started, it totally got me.  Let me elaborate.

This is the story of three friends that are planning to murder their horrible, awful and annoying bosses. The bosses: Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey) is a psycho, ridiculously mad, worst nightmare of a boss you can ever imagine.  Dr. Julia Harris (Jennifer Aniston) is a stalker, sexy, maneater, sex-crazed and can get you hot and bothered in 1.5 seconds straight. She'll do anything to get you in bed, which is good, but the bad part is, the she doesn't care if you are single, engaged, married or asexual.  Bobby Pellit (Colin Farrell) is a lazy bitch, stupid, ugly and well, kinda stinky and by far the most ridiculous and annoying of all the bosses.  The three friends have had enough of these annoying humans and decide to end their lives.  Extreme, I know.  The hilarious problem is: that they have NO experience killing people. They start planning on how to kill them and it's just hilarious how every single attempt they do, ends up being a total FAIL.

Not boring in the slightest, "Horrible Bosses" is the perfect movie if you are looking for a good laugh. It's worth the watch, and its now making it's way onto DVA.  EQ approves with two thumbs up.

Enjoy the "Horrible Bosses" trailer below and if you're looking for a good laugh this weekend – go give it a whirl.