POPTRONIK takes a scoot of the web and brings you the buzz on all things deemed HOT FUSS.  With a little difference maybe, but definitely cool as!

This weeks HOT FUSS FIVE:

As one forth of American teen boy band WOW, credited with performances alongside Teen A listers  Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus  as well supporting Irish grown WestlifeFrankie Presley surely has an eager audience awaiting his now solo project.  As The Jonas trio, in particular Joe Jonas has shown, it is possible to achieve the transition from teen band member carrying your fanbase over and furthering your market. We think the undeniably talented Frankie Presley has all the traits to do the same.   Can he nail  pop, R’n’B vocals – check!  Pull in good in a video – Check! Look a bit gorgeous – Check!   With the 3 Yes vote, we think these are sufficient grounds for us to get at bit HOT FUSSED about FrankieWATCHFrankie PresleyRock My World HERE

If there is one track out there at the moment up for the title of causing a bit of HOT FUSS in the way of controversy it has to be Gary Barlow’s supergroup pooling, of some of the most street savvy talents from the garage spectrum for this years “Children In Need” appeal.  Selected track “Teardrop” by Massive Attack would be a daunting choice of cover for any lone artist but to surrender it to the likes of Wretch 32, Labrinth, Ed Sheeran, and friends is not one that would not readily spring to mind.  Although, it has fallen to the subject of some criticism on it’s overall quality, we think Tulisa scrubs up on the vocal quite nicely. We got into the spirit of giving it a freer mind and listen at the drop of the official remix from Londoners The Lonsdale Boy’s, which ups the track onto a more palatable level in our opinion.  It’s got punch, it’s got edge, some of the rap could have been better, yet it’s got Tulisa’s chorus and this touch more creditable remix to save it from directly plopping itself into the pop dumper.

LISTEN TO: The CollectiveTeardrop The Lonsdale Boy Club RemixHERE

Kate McGill has taken the Justin Bieber approach of getting herself noticed, over the last two years she’s gathered up a strong following through her covers of artists such as Britney, Adele, Rihanna and Pixie Lott, pasted up on her Youtube channel.  This young Welsh chantuesse possesses such a charming quality and overall feel good vibe from her harmonious pop songs that we defy any Ellie Goulding fan not too fall a little in love with Kate McGill.  All this is summed up quite nicely in her first release “Replaced”  – watch it HERE,  Buy it HERE digitally, or if a physical copy of a shiny disc thing is more your thang they are available through Caffé Nero as Kate finishes up a tour of UK of the Coffee House chain.

Finally, Your electro fix on this comes from Kate’s fellow Welsh comarades The Astronaut DJ’s who bring some BIG fat Dirty electro beats into the mix, but also retain Kate’s vocally endearing qualities. LISTEN TO:  Kate McGill – Replaced “The Astronaut DJ’s Remix” HERE   

So much creativity coming from Patrick Wolf this year, we’re not complaining we LOVE it! As we await the extra treat of “Brumalia EP” dropping in November – a firm fan favourite from the ‘Lupercalia' tour “Together”  gets some properly amazing remix work from EQ fave’s Garcon Garcon, totally worth digging out your disco pants for LISTEN and DOWNLOAD it FREE HERE

Rounding off our HOT FUSS Five this Friday meet D. Alexander an uber cutey from Florida who appears to have the knack of writing and performing hot pop tunes with a distinct electro pop flavour that is very much too our liking.  One to shake your booty too this weekend LISTEN TO: D. Alexander’s latest single – "Touch"  HERE

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