Plaitum 2

I do from time to time, glance my eyes over my local area free music press publications, when I chance to find them dotted around in outlets around the town where I live. It has to be said, it’s usually the case that the electronic genre on the whole is not something that leaps out so readily in abundance in introduction of new music talent either within my locality.

However, a recent edition of the free music press publication spun up a name I hadn’t been familiar with, that being Plaitum. Together with the name and the fact my eyes were immediately drawn to a small paragraph of review whereupon the word electronic leapt out at me, I knew I just had to jump online and investigate.

My findings amounting too; Plaitum being Abi Dersiley and Matt Canham, two young teenagers hailing from Colchester in Essex, and whose Soundcloud profile is jotted with encouragingly impressionable experimentally dark electronica that has been increased upon over the past year.

Now, I’m usually fairly on the ball with Kitsuné releases but unfathomably I’ve kind slipped up on noticing that the label has picked up on the potential of Plaitum, already highlighting them on their recent “Tenth Anniversary Issue compilation”.

Of course what this means is, the duo’s profile is definitely building some influential support and further to this, note that Plaitum have garnered in some key support gigs recently alongside James Yuill, Bloc Party and Josef Salvat.

Whilst Plaitum’s core ideas of sweepingly brooding sonic waveforms, are imprinted on their Soundcloud profile it is without any doubt that it is the strikingly mesmerisingly cool track “Geisha” that is pivotal in attracting the most noticeable attention. Plaitum’s use of genre-fusion, structured of blending heavy basslines and sensual electronic stylings are reminiscent in a way to when we were first introduced to AlunaGeorge.

My gut feeling with Plaitum is that they have the knockout potential to blow up big within the similar current trending of emotively bass heavy electronic productions and therefore, should definitely be regarded as one to keep a close eye on.