So the day before I left for NYC, I got to sit down with The Pipettes for a quick chat over tea and biscuits to talk about their brand new album "Earth Vs. The Pipettes".  I just have to say this –  Ani and Gwenno are so funny in person – I really had a blast asking them all sorts of questions ranging from fan reactions to their line-up changes, if they feel they are part of the "The Gaga Affect", their views on music piracy and why they are always seem to be stuck in a bit of a time warp. 

The underlying theme is really just this…no matter how you feel about The Pipettes and their gimmicks and/or their new found "space-age-ness", the music is still really solid – and that's really what it's all about in the end.  I wasn't much of a Pipettes fan to begin with, but after hearing the new album and seeing what they are finally evolving into, I am now quite the fan for life…and totally happy they ditched the polka-dots. 

"Earth Vs. The Pipettes" is released on June 28th.

New single "Stop The Music" is out now on The Pipettes - Stop the Music - EP

Let's watch the video again shall we…