Yes she wore a fucking pink tutu EQs!

Roisin Murphy performed two new tracks at the Victor & Rolf Spring/Summer Fashion Show in Paris yesterday and in true Ro Ro style, she rocked a pink tutu over an iconic black lady suit that looked gorgeous and stunning while she sang two new tracks "Demon Lover" and "Royalty".

Here are some of my favorite images and video from the show.

Forgive me EQs…I'm about to go on a tangent…but interestingly enough, I was also listening to a BBC Radio show recorded back in June and Roisin admitted that although the next album will not be released on EMI, it will most likely involve some innovative packaging and some digital download bundles before the actual album is released.  She also hinted at possibly the physical album containing some sort of special concert ticket…


Now, this isn't by any means a fact, Roisin just mentioned it in the interview, but I think this sort of thinking is what is going to push record piracy out the window.  When you give your fans something extra with your physical album, you are making the value of music much more interactive and really making it worth something again.  Something that can't be downloaded and something that as a music fan you can't get anywhere else.  

I think all artists on this level should be doing a free show with every album purchase. Can you imagine you're Roisin Murphy and you announce that you'll be doing a free concert for the first 5000 people who buy your album and redeem their ticket online – Your album would probably place quite high in the charts then and people would notice.  You could actually get away with selling it for 20 quid versus 8 to 10 quid on release week. You're utilizing your fan base to help you sell albums and as an artist, is doing one free show for your true die-hard fans something that you'd want to do anyways?  You can always do another show for everyone else who downloaded it for free and charge them 35 quid. 

Read more of my rant on music piracy here, but really – just think about it.  Roisin, if this is just a pasing thought, darling – please go with it.  I beg you.

Finally, AP will probably get mad for me posting this, but I think it REALLY shows Roisin here.

She's glowing – in more ways then one…truly an icon.