Kaleida 2

Obviously it’s all purely down to coincidence that Kaleida vocalist Christina Wood is a vocal dead ringer for Dido, something that I previously touched upon when presenting Kaleida’s last track “Tropea”, anyway it couldn’t be in anymore clearer in evidence than on new song “Picture You”, if you didn’t quite grasp upon it previously.

The London based, Nordically expressive synth pop duo, perfect upon a crisply polarised glacial expanse of minimalist sonic projection, carried by the fluid vocal lines of an all-embracing fantastical otherworldly resonance.

Part Dido, part ice queens, Kaleida infuse a mix that is beguiling in the first instance and affluently enriching in positive sonic atoms of good karma in thereafter.

As you claim your FREE DOWNLOAD of “Picture You” think upon it as a serenade of nigh-time chilled out refrain, practically an adult lullaby if you will.