Yes, it was CRAZY at Joe McElderry's G.A.Y. appearance on Saturday night – I've NEVER seen it that packed before in a LONG time.  Enjoy some of these hot little pics that Team McElderry sent over along with a few words about the performance…

Joe McElderry needed to employ extra security last night after he performed an exclusive set of his album at G.A.Y. on Saturday night. The crowd went crazy when Joe performed 6 exclusive tracks of his debut album at the club, which is the first time joe has publicly been seen at a gay club since coming out back in June.

As Joe finished his set, one fan tried to grab Joe and pull him into the crowd. Joe panicked as the security tried to pull him away from the eager fans. Joe was immediately taken out to the backstage exit and escorted out of the building as the crowd tried to stampede their way to the VIP area of the club where Joe was hosting a private party with his friends.  A source said "It got a bit scary at one point. Everyone was just trying to get near Joe and grab him. He did an amazing set and the crowd just went a bit wild – two girls fainted during the set!"

Jeremy Joseph (owner of G.A.Y) commented that it was the biggest night of the year so far at the club. Joe McElderry's debut album "Wide Awake" is released today – go get it EQs and enjoy the pics after the jump!