Dolls 3

When Dolls found herself amongst a toybox of cookie cutter, saccharine styled Sindy’s and Barbie’s conforming to the saturated mainstream of factory assembly line pop, she took in some re-evaluation nonchalantly tossed her golden locks, defiantly shrugged her shoulders and broke free of the commercially determined restraints.

Going AWOL from the culture of fashionably trending chart music fodder, this doll with a mind of her own, now independently in control of her own pop music worth plays in the real time ballpark amongst the gritty layers of synthesized sub-cultural darkness and with a penchant towards the industrial darkwave leanings of genre pioneers Joy Division and Depeche Mode to draw upon.

If I hadn’t had known any better when listening to Dolls newly shared track “Pedestal” I would have moreover been of the assumption that it might have been the work of the Depeche Mode sisterly similar type Feathers.

Purring with mystically gothic undertones “Pedestal” meanders it’s darkly lamenting cynically indifferent, obsession centred love song with a sultry and overall androgynously epic tone. Should the vein be cut open on this it would almost certainly bleed out an ethereally blackened vintage mist of Siouxsie seeping from it’s valley of the Soho dolls synth glamorous epicentre.

By trait of indifference in today’s readily turned out glossy pop market we only like it more!