» Those three girls above (Chanelle, Claudia and Neena) make up Pay-TV and this may or may not be the cover of their long overdue album literally direct from Sweden.

» If it is their album cover, and we suspect it is, because it came in an email asking where to send album promos to, then it is a stroke of genius.

» It is almost like there is a CSI crime scene in their home. Where they are the people who are dead.

» Of course, this is just a photoshoot and this isn’t their intuitive way of gaining some publicity, because nothing screams ‘headlines’ more than a triple murder-suicide pact.

» The song that they are touting around to try and get a ‘buzz’ going again after the ‘buzz’ that they had many years ago, when they were stars singing for Sweden in the Eurovision, is ‘Fashion Report’ and this is either what they have chosen to name their album after, or and we’re beginning to think this is the case, that may just be the single’s cover above (which is still amazing even if this is the case).

» On their Myspace you can hear ‘Fashion Report’, which is fucking glorious and not in the sense that it is a mistitled Natalie Imbruglia cover.

» There is also a version of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ on their Myspace, which is highly listenable and much better than Hilary Duff’s version, which we were addicted to for a while. In a word: brilliant.

» Sadly – 🙁 – though, their influences include George W Bush. Or maybe, in an emoticon ‘flip’ – 🙂 – their album might include a song that is just them listing every single failure of Bush’s presidency to date with some disco background music. We recommend calling it ‘Fuckwit’.

» That last bit is just our little idea which is probably not going to happen, mainly because we doubt it would be viable to have a song that is 27 hours long on their album.