Paradiso Girls know when to move in for the kill.

Just when Pussycat Dolls start to show the first signs of chart non-doll-domination, they go and get into bed with Space Cowboy on his track “Fallin Down”. And let’s face it. Space Cowboy has it going on.  Fo sure.

Then they do that colloboration thingy and get Eve (and some dude named Lil John) to guest vocal on their debut single “Patron Tequila” which sounds like the single Pussycat Dolls should have recorded.  

The result – a good booty shaker.  My ass is two inches from the ground right now, swinging in a circular motion inside my ankles.  And really, and most importantly, Paradiso Girls have given me a good reason to slag off Pussycat Dolls today – and that makes me feel a little satisfied inside.