Meet gag on Fly Panda – a band composed by Winter Rae, Lukas Ka$h and my future husband- Cory Bold. I happen to find myself, somewhat, very attracted to pandas, and the second Raj e-mailed me a link to these kid’s album, I decided to give a listen in a heartbeat. Here is what I have to say:

When I first saw their group picture, I thought “Um…this better be good as their picture is…”, and I have not being dissapointed. A little bit of dubstep, lots of pop and sick rap lines got me GAGGING. What do we call this genre? Popstep? Dubpop? Well, Fly Panda think they are “ratchet pop”.  

The Pandamonium EP serves pure ratchet pop realness, and they are gonna let you have it. This collection of tracks is living proof that rap can go along very well with dubstep. Wanna beat? Just listen to the new pussy poppin anthem I’m Awesummm, and you will know what I am talking about. Another highlight of this EP is “Run”. Every single beat on this track is polished and on-point; not to mention, lyrics will just wedge themselves straight into your head.

Fly Panda started with good stuff and the Pandamonium  EP left me thirsty for more.

I have a feeling Fly Panda are going to be huge.

Listen to Pandamonium and get your free download here: