Photo: Leif Podhajsky

French pop holds the trump card right now, let’s meet another of  its creative chanteuses the very impressively amazing Owlle.

Now this cute bundle of super talent comes ready tagged with pedigree, having already appeared on the much adorned indie-pop label Kitsune and as recent tour support to French synth legend Sébastien Tellier, but let me tell you Owlle has the rite of passage to invade of lives from hereon in, with her infectiously pretty synth ditties if her debut EP “Ticky Ticky” is anything to go by.

Swooping in on the title track “Ticky Ticky” we are primed with an affecting dance pop number that resonates with a delightfully playful armoury of swooshing synths, twinned with jaunty vocals whose dazzling impression will dance across your brain until you are mesmerized and bedazzled into submission, with ticklingly infectious combination. Just Awww – brilliance.

Disorder” does much leverage to Bat For Lashes and Florence And The Machine, the chordiant bubbling synth refrains are stung by the glacial attack of melancholy threaded vocals that tingle with icy cool pleasure.

To close Owlle switches gear on “Without Devotion”, layering luxuriously deep bass beside her now Madonna-like glowing tone, lapping against an ethereal vapour of exquisitely managed experimental pop making.

Owlle is moving and shaking us in the right way and we’ll be waiting at radar ‘o clock now for more.