It’s all happening for emerging synth pop artiste Pawws, recently signed with Rocnation, announcing a tour support slot with Hurts and a string of her own headlining dates also, all off the back of her sensational floaty, disco nostalgic double debut release this summer of “Slow Love” / “Time To Say Goodbye”.

As Lucy Taylor prepares to showcase her glistening synth pop wares to a live audience, she’s just dropped a new track online for us Pawws savvy supporters to indulge our pop crush of the Pawws brand of dreamy chic, pop with panache.

Unveiling “Outside” replete with a hazy thudding synth backbeat, Pawws overlays with gorgeously graceful atoned vocals of cosmic weightlessness that just glide with an infinite glow of Kylie circa mid 90’s “Put Yourself In My Place” era.

Hopeful now that the quick succession of a new track reveal together with tour dates, indicates that Pawws has a store of electronic pop gems in the waiting to bombard us with in the coming breakthrough into 2014 and beyond. I know I’m in for the long haul of Pawws shimmery sweet synth pop creations.