It was around this time last year that a phenomenal new synth pop band first came to my attention and instantly impacted their droning, heavy, new-wave electronics into the fabric of my daily life.  By that description you can rightly pat yourselves on the back if you’ve surmised, that the band in question was, of course, Chvrches.

Taking the lead from Chvrches recent twitter tip-off on a newly formed Glaswegian synth pop act, let’s get to know their tip Prides.

Derived of members of both Glaswegian bands Midnight Lion and Kitty The Lion, it’s not hard to figure out how this new Glaswegian synth pop mutation name shaped themselves into Prides.

Prides online debut piece “Out Of The Blue” is just a few days old, but I’ve already got that goosebump feeling that it’s going to catapult Prides into being an exciting new prospect of electronic pop.

Out Of The Blue” is big on the riffs, whilst being tidy and crisp and straddles the indie pop lines between our recent finds of  “Little Games” by The Colourist and “Overdose” by Little Daylight.

Press play for catchy pounding electronics and to hear the lions ROAR!