Remember when Nine Inch Nails ruled the alternative airwaves?  We sure do, we were a card carrying member of the fan club back in the days when ‘Head Like A Hole’ and ‘Closer’ were the toast of the alternative music scene.  Ever since then, an act hasn’t come along that has had the same energy and exuberance that made NIN such a wonder in our world.  Until now…

London-based Temposhark have recently released their debut album ‘The Invisible Line’ that is nothing short of incredible as it encapsulates many of the band’s impressive electro EP singles over the last few years.  Upon the first listen of ‘The Invisible Line’ you immediately get a sense of how lead singer Robert Diament slips into character with the confident and hammer-hitting track ‘Don’t Mess With Me’.  We have also been loving the band’s latest single ‘Joy’ so much that we can’t seem to get the infectious electro chorus out of our heads whenever it is played – we get sucked into it’s musical black hole quite easily and willingly.  On ‘It’s Better To Have Loved’ we are treated to a poignant electro ballad which touches on the timeless notion of treasuring gut-wrenching heartbreak over never having loved anyone in life – it’s beautiful and questionable.  How many times have you asked yourself this question?  Temposhark have crafted it eloquently into song.

Another reason to be very curious about Temposhark’s album is the fine electro-rock stomper ‘Not That Big’ with Imogen Heap.  As Imogen is heavily into the creation of her third album following ‘Speak For Yourself’ one can only begin to wonder if she is going to be putting more hard sounds and orchestrations into her new work similar to what we hear on ‘Not That Big’ with Temposhark.  It’s all very exciting and this track stands out on the album.  Kudos to the Temposhark boys for convincing Imogen to collaborate with them – we are sure Imogen jumped at the chance to work with these "determined little fuckers" as Darren Hayes recently cited them as in our interview with him.

Invisible_line_4If you are indecisive on an album to purchase this week – well, let’s just take all that work off your shoulders now.  Temposhark’s ‘The Invisible Line’ is available now as a digital pre-release on iTunes and it is well worth your money.  Physical release of the album isn’t until January 2008.  And might we add to the jubilee of comments about the album cover – it’s rather fucking cool to say the least.  We are gutted to be missing their free outdoor concert at Spitalfields Market in London on Sunday, but if you can make it down to their show – check their MySpace or official website for deets and tell us all about it.