by Raj Rudolph

Nevermind the enourmous bags under their eyes from being overworked and overcooked, but One Direction were presented with a special award from Simon Cowell for selling a staggering 12 million units worldwide in less than a year. The breakdown goes something like this: 8 million single sales, 3 million album sales and 1 million DVD sales.

It's nice to know that the hard work of One Direction are helping to sustain the major label music industry in these tough economic times. But please music industry, don't kill them. Keep our boys safe, happy and lucid and don't pressure cook them into the downward spiral that eventually killed off the likes of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston.

If the music industry can acheive this, then maybe, just maybe we do have a new "Beatles" on our hands that could provide us magical pop moments for many more years to come.

View this photo above in hi res to see what I'm talking about…