Hello EQs! I hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend wherever you are. This weekend I promised myself that I would get caught up on a lot of music that I have downloaded but haven’t really listened too and I’m feeling pretty pleased with what I’ve heard thus far! Some say that there isn’t ever any good music out lately and I for one wholeheartedly disagree with that. Sure chart music kinda sucks, but dig a little deeper and there really is some great tunes to be had right now.

Aside from that, I’ve also been busily organising the launch night of Electroqueer at Barcode on 19 June and have been learning all about what it takes to put on a successful club night. I will say it’s creating some “positive” stress and the whole project is very eye-opening, but I am enjoying seeing how it all is coming together. From the sound equipment dramas, to the booking of live acts, to the selection of staff, to the venue: all of it has been fun, exciting and challenging and I am ever so amazed at how much generousity everyone involved has shown – it kinda makes me tear up a little. My goal for the club night is for everyone to HAVE FUN and secondly for us to get asked back again so that Electroqueer can be an ongoing event in London’s Soho. I’d eventually love to get the night to go to New York City too. I’d just like to say a special thank you to DJ Adamis. Without him, this little dream of mine of bringing the blog alive wouldn’t be happening. You rock Adam – and oh how seriously cool do you look in this week’s Boyz magazine (along with the pouty Stefan D’Bart of Switch22)?! You little celebrities you!

Here’s what’s on the EQ radar….

  • I am totally loving the Cyndi Lauper electro transformation that she did on her latest album “Bring Ya To The Brink”. Like totally. Although the only weird thing for me on it is when she proclaims “Its the same old fucking story” on “Same Ol Story”. It just sounds funny to moi. I guess that’s why she got slapped with that parental advisory sticker. Go and get the album though – it’s so cool.

  • Kleerup’s new album cleverly entitled “Kleerup” is coming out soon. I am really loving this one too. It has it’s left-field moments but it’s welcomed with open arms. “Until We Bleed” featuring Lykke Li is gorgeous. You already know I am a fan of “Longing For Lullabyes”. Kleerup had no qualms about sticking “With Every Heartbeat” featuring Robyn on the album either. I don’t blame him. Neneh Cherry also makes a welcome appearance on “Forever” too – You will absolutely love this one when it comes out.

  • So Dima Bilan representing Russia went and won the whole damn Eurovision thing. I thought it performance wasn’t that great – Greece should have won if you ask me. And those boys from Israel – wowsa! Sorry testosterone moment there.

  • The Jonas Brothers boys looked so eye-pleasing on the final of American Idol that I succumbed to blatent product placement and I went out and bought their album. First thoughts – the fact that they did a cover of “Year 3000” for the American teenage audience makes me cringe, but I’ve only listened to the album once and I probably will only ever listen to them again if they come up on random on my pod, but Gerilicious is really into them so I guess it isn’t all bad then is it?

  • Oh and congratulations to David Cook – you deserved it man.

  • Donna Summer’s new album “Crayons” – It’s ok. I thought it would be better. I have high expectations of divas like her and Madonna. But “Stamp Your Feet” is an anthem that makes me want to swirl and twirl like a bag of Twizlers. Totally loving that song at the moment.

  • Scarlett Johansson’s album “Anywhere I Lay My Head” – I don’t get it. It sounds like her vocals are being hidden and I’m sure that’s intentional, but I just can’t accept that. But, I really love the track “I Don’t Want To Grow Up”. She’s onto something there. Chalk it up to career exploration I guess.

  • Cut Copy – You know I bought their album “In Ghost Colours” ages ago and never wrote about it. I do that sometimes, well actually, not sometimes – a lot. However – Adem With An E wrote about their new video for “Hearts On Fire” and the visual totally dug a cavern of appreciation in my brain. Upon another listen to the album and I’m liking it more. Thanks Adem for the poke. Your pokes are always welcome.

  • I got sent the promo CD from The Polyamourous Affair too. It’s rather good electronic music. I predict some online buzz from the LA duo if they rock the promo and blogs a bit. Make sure you download “Merry Go Round” in the EQ Facebook Group. Membership has it’s privledges bitches!

  • And finally – I’ve been listening to Yaz’s (Sorry I’m American – Yazoo sounds fucked up) “Upstairs At Eric’s” again. Wow. Fuck. That album sounds as shiny and new as it did in the 80’s. “Only You” – could it be one of the best electronic songs ever recorded? I thinks so.