Hey everyone – it’s Raj here. After going back and forth, forwards and backwards and around the block and the bend, I’ve decided to keep it Electroqueer folks! Thanks to everyone who emailed, myspaced and facebooked me about it. It was your opinions that really made the decision for me a lot easier. You’ll still see the EQ logo from time to time, but Electroqueer will be afront so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind what EQ really stands for. So thanks everyone for your input – I appreciate the time you took out of your days to let me know what you thought.

So with that said – onto the rants!

  • Another reason why I love Tiffany. My favorite red-headed singer of all time has made a special limited edition package available to all her hardcore fans and I received mine yesterday. What was in it? Signed CDs of "Dust Off And Dance", "Just Me" and an exclusive demo CD of ultra rare Tiffany demos called "Mimi’s Kitchen". Oh and it didn’t stop there…5 (yes 5) signed 8×10 glossy photos, a signed Playboy T-shirt (with Tiff on the cover) and even a free download of "Higher". I almost creamed myself when I opened the package.
  • And speaking of Playboy, Dimitri From Paris (ala Deee-Lite) is putting out a great new compilation CD called "Return To The Playboy Mansion" on April 7th which we’ve been grooving to for a few days now. It has a "Party" disc and a "Sexy" disc and features some sexy great tunage from Jamiroquai, Marvin Gaye and the man himself, Barry White. Can’t you just feel the satin sheets?
  • Retroqueers, Have you seen the trailer for "The Lost Boys : The Tribe" yet? OMG click here. Corey Feldman is back in the sequel and we even hear Corey Haim is in it too! "The Lost Boys" was such a huge movie in my youth and officially made me very afraid of vampires. I remember it was so controversial that they wouldn’t allow it to be played at my junior high school for a youth fun night.
  • So I’m not crazy about Madonna’s new album cover for "Hard Candy". But "4 Minutes" still continues to work me over. Apparently it’s out on Monday for download so expect to be immersed into Madonna media mania all over again. Get ready EQs!
  • So Luciana has released a compilation album called "Featuring Luciana". What a bloody good idea! Available on iTunes now, "Featuring Luciana" is kinda of fucking great – a very good electro listen featuring the very distinctive vocals of Luciana herself – I like it.
  • I’ve just finished my interview with The Gadsdens. It’s a cool interview and I learned a lot more about them and why they are on the up and up. Expect to read the interview early next week!
  • Who the hell is Jeremy Gloff? Well he’s a total 80’s electro lovechild from the deep south USA and has a fun little electro diddy available for download on his MySpazz page. Anyone who lists Janet Jackson, Tiffany and The Thompson Twins as their influences definitely gets a nod from moi.
  • And finally I leave you with this HOT video called "Le Night Dominator" I found over on Palms Out Sounds by the band The Touch. My ass is shakin – is yours?