Oh MY!3 low res

by Jordan Meehan

Every so often a song comes along that gets in my face, throws me down and tells me to get the hell up and start dancing. Today that song is "Dirty Dancer," a new song by the duo Oh My! More often than not with dance and pop songs I think to myself "Oh I could totally dance to this!" However! With this song I feel like if I'm not constantly dancing to it (I'm actually dancing to it right now while typing this) then I'm disrespecting the song itself. And I can't have that.

One thing that bothers me about a lot of mainstream pop songs is that far too often the music video doesn't really fit with the energy of the song, usually in some attempt to seem edgy or something ridiculous. Oh My! has produced a video that fits perfectly with the matter-of-fact lyrics of the verses, flirty and ridiculously catchy chorus and relentlessly pounding beat of the song. I mean think about it…when will your favorite have a video with a hotdog phone, oversized fly swatter and live chameleon? Exactly.