I don’t know about you, but I never really get excited by girl bands.  Too many have come and gone through that some old A&R recycled manufactured plastic process that predominates much of our beloved pop world today.

Whilst there are exceptions like her wonderfulness Lady Gaga, there are many, many obvious casualties that just don’t seem to cut the mustard. Many just don’t seem to have a connection with their music – probably because they haven’t written it.

This is why we at EQ like Oh My!  They have something a lot of others don’t – originality. You can’t just write a single and hope that the masses will jump onboard your bandwagon and click with your sound, you have to tell a story; form a connection with your music and show the world why your music is better than everyone else’s. This is what we like these ladies.

Named after a lyric in the Tweet and Missy Elliot anthem ‘Oops (Oh My)’, this all-girl duo have enveloped their catchy electro sound with some clever and witty lyrics.
Their debut ‘Run This Town’ is produced by expert knob-twiddler Example and is a harsh and hellacious way of saying hello. Its catty, brash and infectious. Its stop and start, but it works.

Check it out below:  

And if you like the sound of that, you can download it for FREE here