Hello EQs – wow, a lot happened in the last 24 hours on the blog!  First of all, EQ just wants to say a huge THANK YOU to Samuel for writing such a great post on Robyn!  Because of his fantastic post, it was picked up by Idolator, Pitch Fork Media and Stereogum and traffic has been soaring since 7pm last night – EQ has had it’s biggest traffic day so far, over twice the amount of our biggest day over a week ago when we posted the Darren Hayes interview.  So huge thank you again to Samuel – he’s such a brilliant blogger and we are overjoyed to have him guest write on EQ.  OH – and a cute guy from San Francisco wrote us a hilarious email expressing his joy about discovering EQ and he even proposed to us!  Yes he did – he asked if he could marry Raj.  Hilarious – yet so sweet.  Geri isn’t impressed.

EQ is now off to Stanstead Airport to spend a week in sunny Sicily with our little noodle (that’s Geri for those who don’t know).  Swimming Trunks – check.  Sunscreen – check.  Passport – check.  And this time, we will remember to put all our liquids and gels into our main bag so we don’t get them stolen again from those security bastards.  Samuel will be entertaining you with his hot pop wit and one-of-a-kind writing so you all don’t get bored with the blog.  Leave lots of great comments for Samuel cuz we’ll be checking in every so often to make sure you EQs are taking care of him!

Lots of love – Raj 🙂