Presspictures Tove Lo 2013.

With a background as a session singer and songwriter, Swedish pop starlet Tove Lo has taken her time in stepping aside from penning hits for the likes of Icona Pop, and as part of the songwriting teams for both Xenomania and Max Martin to concentrate on her own material.

Even though it is only now that Tove brings us a debut EP “Truth Serum”, the past year or so has seen the introduction of Tove’s pensively introspective brand of alt-pop propagate hype online, entrancing with a cloud nine aura soaring above it’s darkly passionate core, brought through via Tove’s initial self release of “Habits”.

Now inked with Polydor, it is the gorgeously off-kilter pop track “Not On Drugs” which heads up the official debut EP release of “Truth Serum”.

By it’s nature “Not On Drugs” rings out with a peppy kicking melody consisting of a glissading backbone of tropically staggered beats, which then go on to boldly charge up for an anthem-force of potent pop power straddling throughout the chorus, as Tove exclaims “I’m not on drugs, I’m not on drugs, I’m just in love”.

Even though she is Swedish, there is no shying away from the fact that Tove, has the poise of Robyn firmly etched upon her vocals on “Not On Drugs”, which is not in anyway a bad thing at all of course, but what is also abundantly clear on “Not On Drugs” in particular, is that has just the perfect succinct amount of creative pop edge to it, to send it stratospherically infiltrating international radio waves with the magnitude of it’s audaciously arresting chorus alone.