Alex Newell 1

I’m coming at this with a fresh perspective as much as singer Alex Newell is doing so in covering drum and bass act Sigma’s chart smash “Nobody To Love”. Since believe it or not I have never watched a single episode of Glee, which Alex is cast in as character Wade “Unique” Adams, so I have absolutely no previous insight upon this vocal talent.

All I know is that when I hit play on this effervescent rendition of one of this summers key tracks, I found it all to be mightily impressive. It was a case of instantly becoming hooked under the spell by Alex’s unabashedly pop spectacular larger than life vocals that stopped me in my tracks.

Of course I’m not so un-clued up with regards to the show to be aware that show-stopping covers are what Glee thrives upon. Although, this particular cover holds equal relevancy aside from the high profile TV role, since it serves as a precursor to the release of Alex’s own debut of material since recently inking to Atlantic Records.

Recorded so there’s no trace of drum and bass present from the original. “Nobody To Love” has been blitzed over by Alex’s pop projected high energy identity and there isn’t anybody whose going to say that he doesn’t totally own this interpretation. I’d say he smashed it!