Are you more of an mp3 type of person?  Have you wondered why you’re hanging on to those old music discs that seem to be taking up so much space? If you are one of these people, there is a popular trend could actually pay off for you, and it’s selling your old CDs for instant cash.

The process of selling your old CDs is a lot like reselling old books to a bookstore or donating old clothes, and it is a great way to pass on something that you have thoroughly enjoyed to another person. There are a few differences between reselling CDs and other belongings, but once you have done it once or twice, you’ll feel like a pro.

When you decide to sell your CDs, the first thing you should do is bring all your discs together and examine them to make sure they are in good condition. Most buyers will only accept CDs with minimal scratches, if any, and they all prefer for them to be in a case that looks like new. If you haven’t kept your CD cases in good condition, you can easily remedy this by popping out the artwork and placing it in new cases, which are inexpensive to purchase.

There are several ways to sell your CDs, either online or in person. The most traditional way to get a little cash for your old music is to take it to a nearby music store and ask if they will buy them second-hand. This is usually the quickest way to get your money. However, if you want to have a little bargaining power, you can also sell them via an online auction on a Web site like Ebay. This usually requires more effort, though, because you have to check in regularly to see what prices are offered for the CDs, package them and pay for postage to send them to the winners of the auction.

Selling CDs will rarely earn you more than a few pounds per disc, but there are ways to maximise your profits. Since you won’t earn very much from each individual disc, it is a good idea to wait until you have at least five to ten discs to go through the process of trying to sell them. Don’t spend money on selling them if you don’t have to. For example, swap cases from newer discs that you plan to keep with the ones that intend to sell instead of buying empty cases. Also, if you don’t want to pay for postage, you should try a music buying service like musicMagpie that will provide a courier service to come get your CDs or pay for the postage to send them in.

Once you have successfully sold your first batch of CDs, you might also want to consider selling your other entertainment collections to make money. Most times, the same services that buy CDs will also be willing to pay you for DVDs and video games, so long as you package them and present them in the same way.