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Seriously swoonworthy and rising new pop sensation Nick Hagelin climbed a gianourmous mother humpin mountain in Georgia recently just to sing Lady Gaga's "Edge Of Glory" on well, an edge of glory.  Little did he know that he would perform a mini-show all the way up there and make some new fans along the way.

I LOVE Nick's little viral YouTube videos he's been doing lately.  Remember the last Britney Spears "Till The World Ends" one he did?  Sure his whole campaign is a little Beiber and all that, but it's working and it's keeping me entertained for sure.  Nick's personality shines through and that's really the selling point for me with all this viral video silliness and has nothing to do with him getting shirtless at all – I assure you…

So if you're thinking who is this Nick Hagelin guy and why is EQ writing about him – well, I love his brand new single "ICU" and if you missed it previously, you can catch up on it here where Nick also gave us EQs a bit of a special shout out.

And yes Nick, they always have slurpees at the edge of glory…you didn't know that?!