Tracey Thorn is back Electroqueer readers! Yes it’s true – The vocal talent of Everything But The Girl is back with some new tracks which you can stream on her MySpace page. EBTG have always been a firm favourite with Electroqueer. Our only regret is that we have never got to see Tracey perform live yet. Now that she is back – we will make a consorted effort to get our asses down to any venue that she might grace in London.

Tracey’s voice is unmistakable. A pioneer of haunting vocals which overlay deep house and electronic beats are a winning combination that sends us into an electronic frenzy. The new tracks on Tracey’s MySpace page are only a taster of what’s sure to be a great new collection of songs which we will review ASAP once it’s made available.

We do have to beg this one question though…Is the world big enough for both Imogen Heap and Tracey Thorn? We hope so. It’s certainly a much more interesting question than whether or not the Sugababes are better than Girls Aloud. hehehehe.  (Side note: Electroqueer was invited to partake in the new Sugababes video today in which we are told it’s a "Sugababes vs. Girls Aloud video" …oh the humanity.)

Recommended Tracey Thorn / Everything But The Girl Downloads
Missing : One of the best songs of all time by EBTG. We like both the accoustic and electronic versions.
Rollercoaster : A great song and great lyrics from EBTG.
I Don’t Want To Talk About It : Cover version, best version of this song we’ve ever heard
Protection : Tracey provides the vocals to this Massive Attack classic
Five Fathoms : A quinessential journey through London’s Soho and how we feel mostly on rainy Soho evenings.