Hello Electroqueer Readers…we thought we would highlight a few new (yet very different) artists that we have our electroqueer eye on…and because we have our eye on them, you should too.  Expect some features on these artists soon as we welcome them into the Electroqueer fold of great musicians to watch out for this year!

Levi Levi Kreis – Pop/Rocker Levi Kreis is spreading his gospel and giving us a new found appreciation for good ol rock & roll – We’ll gladly put another dime in his jukebox and so should you.

Levi Kreis MySpace

Switch22 Switch 22 – Self-penned ‘superheroes of pop’, these boys sure know how to pack lots of electro-goodness into a pop song.  We are going to be attending their February 20th show in Soho to get a taste of the boys ourselves.  Look forward to the Switch 22 interview in the future!

Switch 22 MySpace

Jacob2_1 Jacob Golden – This guy deserves cross-over success.  Jacob’s acoustic folk sound will remind you of Jose Gonzales and will take you into a world of chillout bliss — we can’t wait to get to know Jacob more.

Jacob Golden MySpace